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Effective May 1, 2020 -  Updated 2/2024



MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD OR OLDER (16-17 with Parent/Legal Guardian Consent Form Complete)

All Appointments Must Be Booked Online. Deposits are Required for Booking Services.


Cancellations must be done 24 hours before your appointment.  You will not receive your deposit back after this time.

Lash Fills are for Current Exquisite Esthetics Lash Clients ONLY. If you would like to become a client please book a New Lash Set. 

If you have experienced an Allergic Reaction after getting lash extensions elsewhere, you will more than likely experience it again due to the glue ingredients. Please do not book an appointment before contacting Feather first.


→ Current Clients must come in within 14-21 DAYS MAX AFTER PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT AND HAVE LASH EXTENSIONS at 50% Full to qualify as a Lash Fill.

SAME DAY ONLINE BOOKING: If you book an appointment on the same day as your appointment a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot. If you cancel prior to your appointment time or do not show up for your appointment you will not be refunded the 50% deposit. No exceptions.

Same Day Appointment Time Change is available for an additional $20 Time Change Fee. For example - Your booked appointment is at 8:00am but now you need to change it to 2:00pm on the same day.

 Due to Safety Concerns please DO NOT bring children with you to your appointment.  If you are unable to make childcare arrangements you will need to cancel your appointment and reschedule for another day. This will result in the forfeit of your deposit.

 State Board of Cosmetology Prohibits Animals/Pets of any kind in Salon Establishments. :Code 175:10-7-25 unless the animal is under the

Americans with Disabilities Act (P.L. 101-336). Emotional Support animals do not fall under this Act.

Please arrive NO MORE than 5 MIN before your appointment time. For example, if your appointment is at 10:00 you may come in at 9:55.

LATE ARRIVAL is considered late. I realize your time is very important and would never rush through any services to accommodate you being late when safety is extremely important with all of my services. Arriving late will result in forfeit of your deposit. A new appointment will need to be booked online for a later time and date. 

3 Cancellations within a 30 Day period will result in a $25 fee that will be required to be paid prior to booking another appointment.

EYELASH EXTENSION APPOINTMENTS: Please DO NOT USE Mascara or Products Containing Oil on or around the eye area 72 hrs before your lash appointment as this prevents the lash adhesive from adhering. Please come to your appointment without eye makeup on or around the eye area.  

 I understand that engaging in friendly conversation with Feather as a client does not exclude me from her policies nor does being a personal friend or family member. 

If you choose to book a service with Feather at Exquisite Esthetics you are acknowledging that you fully understand the policies above and will adhere to them. 

→ If you are using a gift card to book an appointment you will need to text me so I can book you 405-456-9655. I will need the Numbers on the Gift Card/Certificate to reserve your appointment.

Feather, owner of Exquisite Esthetics, reserves the right to change policies above at anytime without notice and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

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