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The Lash Bed Your Client Lays On can determine if they will return

Feather, the owner of Exquisite Esthetics, gets asked frequently where she got her bed because it's so comfortable. Well here's the info...

Feather believes that keeping your client's comfortable is important during their lash appointment. After all, who wants to lay on a bed for hours then get up only to be in pain because the bed was hard and uncomfortable?

Feather uses a 30" Wide Massage Table and has a 4" Foam Pad as a Topper.

Artechworks 30" Width Portable Massage Table Review: Ultimate Comfort with Added Foam Pad

When it comes to providing exceptional comfort and support for clients, especially those who may be larger than average, the Artechworks 30" Width Portable Massage Table proves to be a game-changer. Designed with a generous width of 30 inches and a sturdy aluminum leg construction, this massage table excels in accommodating clients of varying sizes without compromising on stability or comfort.

Key Features:

  1. Spacious Design: The 30-inch width ensures ample space for clients, allowing them to relax fully during prolonged sessions such as eyelash extension applications. This extra width is particularly beneficial for larger clients who may feel cramped or uncomfortable on narrower tables.

  2. High-Quality Cushioning: Featuring a 2.56-inch thick cushion of foam, the table provides a plush yet firm surface that supports the body evenly. This is crucial during lengthy procedures to prevent discomfort and ensure the client remains at ease throughout the session.

  3. Additional 4-Inch Foam Pad: For enhanced comfort, the table includes a 4-inch thick foam pad that lays on top, further cushioning the client and providing an even softer surface. This additional padding is ideal for clients who require extra support or prefer a more luxurious experience during their treatments.

  4. Aluminum Leg Stability: The use of aluminum for the table's legs not only enhances durability but also keeps the structure lightweight and easy to transport.

  5. Portability and Convenience: Despite its spacious design, the Artechworks table remains portable and easy to set up, making it suitable for various environments from spas to multiple salon setups. The included carrying case adds to its convenience, allowing for effortless transportation and storage.

Why It Matters for Larger Clients:

Clients undergoing eyelash extensions often spend extended periods lying down, requiring utmost comfort to relax fully. For larger individuals, the spacious 30-inch width, combined with the additional 4-inch foam pad, ensures they can lie down comfortably without feeling confined or unsupported. This not only enhances their overall experience but also contributes to the lash artist's ability to perform their work with precision and ease.

In conclusion, the Artechworks 30" Width Portable Massage Table with its included 4-inch foam pad is a standout choice for lash artists and spa professionals looking to prioritize client comfort and satisfaction, especially for those with larger clientele. Its generous dimensions, combined with quality cushioning and stable construction, make it an indispensable tool for creating a relaxing and enjoyable experience during eyelash extension applications and other spa treatments.

Whether you operate a stationary spa or offer mobile services, investing in this massage table ensures that every client receives the comfort and support they deserve, enhancing your professional reputation and client loyalty.

This addition of the 4-inch foam pad further enhances the comfort and support provided by the massage table, catering particularly well to clients who may need extra cushioning during their treatments.

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